Benito La Vecchia senior, the pioneer of buffalo mozzarella from Alto Casertano: a story of passion and dedication

Benito La Vecchia Senior  began his activity as a cheesemaker back in 1969 at the S. Stefano Dairy in Vitulazio (CE), but not because he had decided that this would have been the job of his life, , but because sometimes fate makes a twist and takes our life on a different path than imagined: Benito, about to leave for Switzerland, meets a person who tells him about an interesting job opportunity in a dairy not far from home. Benito is willing to do and learn so, in a short time, becomes the favorite apprentice of the dairyman who teaches him everything there is to know about the production of buffalo mozzarella.

As soon as it possible, Benito brings his young son Mimmo to work with him at the dairy and so, over the years, they begin to buy, a few at a time, the shares of the dairy where they work.
In 1984 they move the company to Alvignano near the family home.

Their main merit is that they were  the first, dairy farms in Alto Casertano to produce buffalo mozzarella when the few dairies in the area almost only worked cow’s milk.

Mimmo holds the reins of the firm in his hands, has created a solid and wealthy company that produces PDO buffalo mozzarella and dairy products that are appreciated all over the world.