Buffalo milk from PDO area and cow’s milk, both produced within 15 km of the dairy


Only buffalo milk from PDO area coming from farms very close to the dairy

This task is carried out closely with the farmer and with a constant supervision of the raw material. Furthermore, the characteristics of the milk used are all very similar, also due to a morphological factor: the milk comes from the uncontaminated areas of Northern Caserta and the Middle Valle del Volturno, a predominantly hilly area near the Matese National Park and near the Taburno Camposauro Regional Park.

Mozzarella di bufala campana PDO

The “aversana” school now provides the same production techniques as 100 years ago: use of the whey, natural hand-cooking and salting in brine. All elements that characterize a strong craftsmanship.

Smoked Mozzarella di bufala campana DOP

Much used in Campania cooking, it is the smoked version of buffalo mozzarella. The smoking takes place with wheat straw which provides the cheese with its golden colour.

Anecdote: in the past only the best mozzarellas were smoked, the fridge did not exist and the smoking was used to prolong the life of the product. The unsmoked buffalo mozzarella was considered a secondary product, of lower quality.

Ricotta di bufala campana PDO

Produced out of buffalo milk whey to which can be added to buffalo milk, it is formed through the annealing of whey and has a high creaminess in the homogenized version.

Excellent for the preparation of desserts and savoury pies.



Fabula is the anagram for the word Bufala.

We wanted to overcome the belief that buffalo milk can only be used to make mozzarella. Buffalo milk has something extra and you can see it with this cheese.

Aesthetically it resembles a Camembert for the rind covered in pennicillium candidum, but the taste is extremely different. The cheese maturing varies between 25 and 35 days, after this period the cheese becomes creamy.

Fabula with Pallagrello

It is the Fabula that undergoes a further transformation … it is literally drowned in Pallagrello wine for a week. The result is a purplish cheese with extreme aromas.

Cow Cheese

We have the same philosophy on the maximum distance of farms: 15 km from the dairy
also for products made with cow’s milk

Fior di latte

We add a percentage of buffalo milk that enhances its characteristics. As for mozzarella, cooking is done manually, the sensitivity of the cheese-maker in cooking can never be replaced by machines … much used by pizzerias that choose quality.

Cheese from cow milk with  saffron and pepper

Soft cow cheese made with pure saffron in stigmas.

The soft texture of the dough enhances the characteristics of saffron.

Scamorza and caciocavallo from cow milk

These are typical products that mark the history of the Matese mountains: they use hand-cooked cow’s milk, salted in brine and then dried in a vault.

Primo sale, fresh cow cheese

It is the typical cheese of the farmers of these areas.

A cheese made with fresh milk that should be consumed in a few days.