Who we are

Three generations of La Vecchia family, united by a passion for buffalo mozzarella made according to tradition.

A company that has been handed down for three generations where even today Mimmo, when he is not busy bringing this precious white gold from Campania to congresses, fairs, restaurants and pizzerias, is present in the dairy 7 days a week.

Working alongside him is his wife Concetta: a hard working lady with a very sweet look who has supported and sustained him for many years. His son Benito, is in charge of marketing and corporate communication, whilst his daughter Filomena is in the administration department of the company.

The family business is complete with his brother Pasquale, who manages and coordinates production; he is also responsible for staff administration alongside Donatella, Pasquale’s wife and their current team consists of approximately fifteen employees.

Mimmo la Vecchia

Mimmo La Vecchia

There are companies and products that are identified with a face, a person, a voice. This is the case of “Il Casolare” which can be identified with that of Mimmo La Vecchia, a man with a full, dark moustache, an open and sincere smile and a direct, friendly gaze.

A face that tells a life lived intensely with great sacrifice, a few and rare holidays but an enormous sense of achievement and satisfaction that makes him the man of the Caseificio Il Casolare.

Benito La Vecchia

Benito is Mimmo and Concetta’s son, raised on buffalo mozzarella and books.

His degree in Business Economics provide him with the solid foundation to deal with communication and marketing for the family enterprise.